TOPASS.IN as brand protection to verify the originality of a single product

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Counterfeit products are the plague of our times. There are many available security solutions such as holograms, serial numbers, QR codes and many others. However, none of them fully protect against product counterfeiting. Counterfeiters usually also copy security features.

Security features built on TOPASS technology are resistant to counterfeiting and unauthorized changes. Features of TOPASS security features make it pointless to counterfeit or copy security features. The use of TOPASS technology can also serve as a deterrent for counterfeiters.

Below we briefly present our brand protection features with added proof of originality.


Manufacturers’ problem

  • The number of sold counterfeits is increasing
  • Lack of effective methods to verify product authenticity
  • Current security features allow multiple replication of products with security features
  • Loss of potential revenue


Consumers’ problem

  • Graphics, logos, serial numbers and holograms are not a guarantee of product authenticity
  • Impossible to verify 100% of the originality of the product
  • Loss of money and time (sometimes embarrassment if the gift turned out to be a fake)
  • Lack of trust in purchased products


Benefits of implementation TOPASS

  • Significant (or total) reduction of the possibility of counterfeiting products
  • Deterrent function for fraudsters
  • Customer confidence in the company’s products
  • Full control over generated tokens
  • Possibility to verify whether and when a given product was sold
  • Possibility to use tokens in loyalty programs
  • Traceability of product source
  • Confirmation of the originality of the premium product


Features of TOPASS security

  • Each product has a unique token allowing verification of its originality
  • The token is placed on the package in the form of QR code
  • The consumer can independently verify the originality of the product during purchase
  • During the verification additional information can be displayed, e.g. the manufacturer’s website
  • Repeated duplication of the security feature (by a counterfeiter) does not allow for positive product verification


How does it work?

  • The manufacturer orders a specific number of unique tokens
  • We send the manufacturer a list of generated unique URL links
  • The URL link is placed on the packaging in the form of a QR code
  • Reading the QR code with a phone allows you to verify the originality of the product
  • It is possible to integrate through API and generate tokens by the manufacturer


Possible token extensions

  • TOPASS tokens can be used in loyalty programs
  • TOPASS can be used as NFT collector’s items
  • Tokens may be secured with authorization codes
  • Possibility to send the consumer to the manufacturer’s website in order to report a detected counterfeit


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